Dr Drains, the Business You Can Trust to Get Your Drains Fixed – Fast!
If We Can't Fix It, No One Can!

Dr Drains is dedicated to fixing your drains in the most efficient and effective way known to man. Our team of specialists are experts in diagnosing and repairing your blocked drains. Our company training is exclusive to Dr Drains and we use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure your home is back to normal in no time.

We Solve Your Drainage Problems! Dr Drains Has Been Servicing Satisfied Customers in ACT for More Than 8 Years...

Dr Drains is based in Mitchell, ACT. It services customers in Canberra and surrounding regions. The company was founded by owner/manager Jeremy Kingston in 2002. Back then Jeremy had been actively working in the local plumbing industry for 18 years. His dream to build his own business became a reality in 2002 after Jeremy realised there was a need in the market for a specialist drainage maintenance company in the ACT.

Over the years Jeremy has worked extremely hard to create an effective and efficient team of licensed technicians. A team that is skilled to bring you the latest and greatest technology to service your drains.

Dr Drains motto is based on the following foundational principles:

  • 100% attention to detail
  • ‘We fix drains’ has been the business slogan since its opening, and this is exactly what we do. If we can’t fix, no one can.
  • Highly skilled licensed technicians are trained to utilise the latest technology to effectively repair and restore your drain to working order

Jeremy and his team draw a high level of satisfaction from solving your drainage problems. Thanks to its growth, the plumbing industry has evolved considerably over the last few years, giving you more bang for your buck with modern technology.
By utilising the latest technological inventions for the plumbing industry, Dr Drains can effectively fix your drains with the least hassle and time required.