Frequently Asked Plumbing Questions

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to the Most Commonly Asked Questions


Q: Do you provide a work guarantee?
A: One of our client's biggest concerns is whether our work is guaranteed. We understand that you want to deal with a reputable service business like Dr Drains. We are locally known as the drain heroes and we will prove to you why. All our work is 100% guaranteed. You can call us with peace of mind, knowing your are covered by our iron-tight guarantee.
Q: Do you service all Canberra regions?
A: Yes we do. As an established and well respected service provider for Canberra and its greater region we can come to your home and fix your drainage issues. Our team is on stand-by day and night, 24/7. Because we are local our costs are kept to a minimum, saving you money in the process.
Q: How can I contact you?
A: The easiest and fastest way to get in touch with Dr Drains is via the phone. Call us now on 1300 373 724. We look forward to helping you.
Q: How long will it take until you attend to my drainage problem?
A: Not long at all. We pride ourselves on acting fast on any callouts we get. Regardless what time of the day you contact us, we will be with you in super fast time.
Q: I think I have a blocked drain. How can you help me?
A: If you think one of your drains is blocked by debris, dirt of something else don't worry. We can help you determine the exact location of the blockage, thanks to our state-of-the-art tools. We can quickly pin-point the location with the help of our CCTV cameras and if necessary use the Hydro-Jet to blast the smells out of your drains.
Before we arrange for the actual booking you will be informed about the costs upfront so that you won't have to deal with unexpected costs.

Q: What do I need to provide you with when I call?
A: All we need is your name, address, contact numbers and when we can visit to determine the problem at hand. If you're home right there and then, even better as we'd like to get to the root of the problem (pun intended) fast. We use high-tech quality gear to analyse drainage related problems. This allows us to problem solve fast while keeping you in the loop. Once we know what the exact cause/issue is you will be presented with a proper quote to rectify the job.
Q: Will your work last forever?
A: Unfortunately we cannot foresee blocked or broken drains. What we can guarantee is our quality of work. We offer solutions based on the issue at hand and the client's budget; short term, medium term and long term. You will be fully informed about the procedure at all times, leaving you with peace of mind, knowing that qualified professionals are doing everything they can to fix your problem fast.