CCTV Drain Inspection Camera Canberra

The inspection of your drains is best left to the drain doctors

cctv drain camera

Our CCTV cameras are essential to find the heart of the matter without having to dig up drains, creating an even bigger mess in and around your home. These cameras are very high tech. There is not a drain Dr Drains can't survey and diagnose a solution for. We actually give a 100% guarantee for this.

Dr Drains uses advanced technology - CCTV cameras to find the cause of your problem

Our Rigid CCTV cameras are:

  • Portable and environmentally friendly
  • Able to record footage of your drains so that you too can see the problem
  • Available in various models to cover any and all jobs necessary
  • Equipped with a meterage counter and locator to pin-point the exact location beneath the ground
  • Able to access any drain – no matter how complicated it is to get to