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Using Dr Drains' Specific Technology We Save You Money, Hassles and Time...

Are you fed up with the nasty smells that come from your drains? Does your water take forever to drain out from your bath or shower? Have you been ripped off by other plumbers? Are your drains blocked by tree roots and debris?

No matter what issue you currently experience, we are confident that we can fix it for you.

Are you fed up with the nasty smells that come from your drains?

Blocked drains in the home can be cause for a lot of irritation. Especially if you're home all day, trying to go about your life. Trying to ignore the problem won't help. Sooner or later you will have to act and fix the blockage.

The problem most of our clients face is not knowing what exactly causes these smells in the first place. We can help you determine the exact location of the blockage, thanks to our state-of-the-art tools. We can quickly pin-point the location with the help of our CCTV cameras and if necessary use the Hydro-Jet to blast the smells out of your drains.

Have you been ripped off by other plumbers?

Many unsuspecting home owners get ripped off by so called industry professionals – plumbers who overcharge them, take longer than necessary to finish the job and use the wrong solution so the problem reappears a short time later.

You don't have to suffer these fates when you deal with the highly-trained experts at Dr Drains. We are locally known as the drain heroes and we will prove to you why. All our work is 100% guaranteed. You can call us with peace of mind, knowing you are covered by our iron-tight guarantee.

Are your drains blocked by tree roots and debris?

Unfortunately, tree roots can wreck havoc with the drains on your property. If you ignore the problem it will only get worse – resulting in much higher costs to you in the future. If you know there is an issue at hand, get it seen to ASAP. Our technicians can give you an accurate assessment of the situation and inform you of the costs involved before the job is booked. Our powerful Vaporooter is the answer to these problems. We charge a reasonable callout fee to make sure we deal with serious home owners only – people like you with real problems.

This eliminates precious time wasted by tyre kickers. It also allows us to react to emergencies much faster to spend our time where it matters most.

You need Dr Drains specialists because

Using the latest technology such as electric eels and high pressure jetting we easily clear blocked drains and pipes.

  • You will know fast where the problem comes from
  • You can benefit from our state-of-the-art technology
  • You can choose from various solutions; short term, medium term and long term
  • You save money
  • You save hassles
  • You save time

How Dr Drains Fixes Your Drainage Problems

Depending on the seriousness of your drainage problem we use a different approach to guarantee you the best result. Generally speaking we would look at the issue based on the cause and then use the appropriate solution to fix it. See below:

Issue Blocked Drain

Cause #1: Tree roots


Short term - HydroJet - scorpion cutter
Medium term - Vaporooter
Long term - Excavation or NuFlow pipe relining

Issue Blocked Drain

Cause # 2: Broken pipe


Option 1: Excavation
Option 2: NuFlow pipe relining

Issue Blocked Drain

Cause # 3: Foreign Object


Option 1: Removal with specialist equipment
Option 2: Excavation to remove object