Hydrojet Drain Cleaning Canberra

Do you need a fast fix for your drain? High pressure drain cleaning could be the answer!

Are you desperate to find a solution for your blocked sewer, storm water drain or any other smelly and blocked drain in the house or garden?

We can help you!

We Can Help! Our Team is On Stand-By 24/7

Our in-house developed HydroJet is a unique, high-pressure water cleaner. The HydroJet allows us to:

  • Effectively remove dirt, debris and foreign objects from your drains.
  • Go about our work while you get on with your life. You won't have to deal with cables and wires, nor will we suck the juice from your power grid with this tool. Our technician is fully sufficient with his own equipment and power supply.
  • Address problems in difficult areas and locations – where a lot of other plumbing companies can’t. The HydroJet is fully portable.
  • Work in your home or business with minimal disruption to you. The HydroJet can be used inside and outside your home.
  • Fully remove the cause of the blockage. It is the only machine/ tool on the market that gives you back the full working capacity of the drain.

We can quickly assess the damage caused by tree roots or debris and then get to work.