7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Dr Drains to Solve Your Problems. Quickly. Effectively.
Without Unnecessary Cost, Fluff or Mess!


Reason # 1: Deal with experienced professionals – Take advantage of our highly trained specialist staff to reduce costs, hassles and wasted time in getting the job done.
Dr Drains' staff are highly specialised professionals. We get in and out. This is a huge benefit for you because you will always deal with people who know what they are doing. We will keep you in the loop and suggest helpful prevention/solution methods to get rid of the problem once and for all.

Reason # 2: We get to the root of the problem fast - Your tree root problem becomes a minor issue thanks to our state-of-the-art ‘Vaporooter’ machine.
The Vaporooter has been in operation for 30 years. Only licensed professionals can handle this tool, it is not for sale off the shelf. This specially developed Herbicide fumigant controls tree root regrowth in sewer lines.

The fumigant is applied through existing access points with minimal disruptions to your home environment. It is covered by a 12 month guarantee against root blockages. Vaporooter is harmless for your pets, animals, trees and plants.

Reason # 3: We determine your drainage problem fast with our Rigid CCTV camera – You get an accurate diagnose about the problem in your drains. Our Rigid CCTV camera can pin-point the exact location of the blockage. This saves you time and money.
Unknown blockages, bad smells and water infiltration issues can cause havoc in any household. The last thing you want to battle is regular blocked drains. Our CCTV camera, in conjunction with the locator can pin-point the EXACT LOCATION of your drainage problem. This cuts down on time and having to dig up mountains of dirt to get to the matter the old-fashioned way.

Reason # 4: Enjoy debris-free drains with our HydroJet – Dr Drains' HydroJet has been developed over the past 10 years to effectively remove tree roots and debris from your drains. The high-pressured water jet is more powerful than any other tool on the market.
Regain the full use of your drains after a thorough clean with the Dr Drains HydroJet. Developed in-house to effectively clean your drains from tree roots and other debris, this tool cuts down on expense and time to finish the job. The HydroJet is fully functional inside and outside your home and doesn't draw from your power grid. The Dr Drains technician is fully equipped with his own power supply. You won't have to deal with messy cables and wires. While you get on with your life we quietly work in the background.

Reason # 5: Sleep well at night thanks to NuFlow technology – NuFlow allows us to fix your drain cracks permanently. It is covered with a 40-year guarantee by the manufacturer. It prevents tree roots from re-entering your drains and ex-filtration and infiltration.
NoFlow is used when your drains are blocked or broken. It is advanced technology that allows us to reline your pipes (NuFlow) and helps to prevent infiltration problems in the future. NuFlow is especially helpful when excavation is not possible. It is a long-term solution.

Reason # 6: Relax and leave the worrying to our specialists – Our highly-skilled, licensed technicians in drain repair are on hand for your problem areas. You can sit back and relax, knowing that you are serviced by the best in the industry.
Why would you want to deal with unreliable, shoddy plumbers when you can deal with the best in the industry? We guarantee all our work. Your job is to relax and leave the worrying to us. With our highly-skilled and licensed technicians you can get back to your life, knowing that we will take care of your drains without wasting time.

Reason # 7: Locals do it better – Dr Drains is based in Mitchell, ACT. We have the ability to access any area within the Canberra region. You get friendly service from a local business. It's faster, cheaper, and more efficient. We guarantee all our work.
When you deal with a plumbing specialist you want to know that the professionals are educated, well trained and efficient. You want the job to be done as fast as possible, without wasting your time or money. You want to be left in the loop and well advised on the best long-term solutions. Call Dr Drains now to benefit from our expertise